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Summer Vacation Brainstorm

I don’t have my summer plans booked yet. April’s here — it’s time to get serious about the holiday schedule. During the brainstorming part of vacation planning, I like to think about things in terms of the kind of experience I’ll have in a destination: Mountains, Seaside/Beach, City, Countryside, and Lake (we categorize our hotel reviews on CB the same way).

Here are our top picks for 2011 family summer vacation ideas.

Photo Friday: Washington DC Week Wrap Up

This post wraps up our Washington DC week. After the Resource Guide and Favorite Family Activities, practical strategies are necessary to maximize time in the Capitol without running your kids into the ground. I remember times growing up when the marathon days at the Smithsonian became boring—it was enough to keep me away from museums for a long while.

That’s not the effect we’re going for. So how do you visit multiple DC sights, but keep the family engaged?