Shove Fall Madness Aside with an East Coast Getaway

When colorful leaves assert themselves and eventually descend upon us Northeasterners we realize that fall is here. And before we know it, colorful relatives assert themselves and descend upon us, clueing us in that Thanksgiving is here and fall is almost over.

As parents we don’t even have to ask how the season got away from us so quickly. We went from Labor Day to Columbus Day to apoplectic Halloween prep to exponentially more apoplectic Thanksgiving prep without sitting down. Not once.

East Coast Beach Vacations Through the Goggles of Parenthood

Growing up on the East Coast I had my pick of summer coastal getaways, and while memories from my pre-parenting days are hazy I can tell you that sun, surf, and seafood were important elements in all of those trips. Memories run together of one town’s attractions and another’s shops and restaurants and certainly all of these destinations teemed with parents and their loud children.