Narcissus Flower

It’s Narcissus Season in Switzerland!

Late April and May is Narcissus season around Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) in Switzerland. The Paper White varietal cover the fields in the mountains above the lake — they smell and look amazing. The best way to view these flowers is to go on a hike so you can get into the thick of them. I have a few favorites kid-friendly hikes around Lake Geneva that provide wonderful views of Narcissus blooms.

boy smelling narcissus flower swiss mountains

Fields of Narcissus in Switzerland for Photo Friday

We’ve had an unbelievably warm and sunny spring in Switzerland this year. So much so that the flowers are blooming a few weeks earlier than usual.

I’ve been waiting all year for the fields of Narcissus in the mountains around Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) to bloom. Hooray, they are finally here and do not disappoint! Two of the best known places for Narcissus viewing are in the mountains above Montreux — Glion and Les Avants.