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Full Moon Setting Over Lake Geneva for Photo Friday

Every once in awhile we do a Photo Friday post that has nothing to do with traveling with kids. This week is one of them. For a good reason … I’m a moon junkie and will drive long distances to watch the full moon rise. This week I didn’t have to go far to get a dose of moon magic.

We are lucky enough to live on the shores of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) and have a view of France (Evian) from our bedroom window. The full moon setting across from us was so bright that it woke me up.

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Summer Vacation Brainstorm

I don’t have my summer plans booked yet. April’s here — it’s time to get serious about the holiday schedule. During the brainstorming part of vacation planning, I like to think about things in terms of the kind of experience I’ll have in a destination: Mountains, Seaside/Beach, City, Countryside, and Lake (we categorize our hotel reviews on CB the same way).

Here are our top picks for 2011 family summer vacation ideas.

Exploring Lake Geneva (Switzerland) by Boat

Seeing a destination from the water offers radically different perspective. Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) is one of the world’s most spectacular bodies of water. The color of the lake is ever-changing and there are moments when it’s ocean-like with surf and waves.

Note, when you are on the Internet doing research Lake Geneva, Wisconsin will come up in searches too so you need to make sure you are looking at the right version …

Hello Switzerland

Hooray, our relocation to Switzerland is complete! Let’s just say that the relocation logistics were not fun (stay tuned for a post about lessons learned), but we (all four of us—including our dog) are exceptionally happy to be here.

We are living in the wine producing area of Lavaux on Lake Geneva. Making friends will take some time but we are already amazed at how welcoming the French-speaking locals are in the villages around us.

Photo Friday: Lake Geneva, Switzerland

I haven’t spent much time in Switzerland but that is about to change. This will be the first of many posts on this spectacular country. The little village of Villette near the city of Lausanne on Lake Léman (otherwise known as Lake Geneva) is about to become my new home for the next few years!

The mountains views here are breathtaking—and ever changing. It seemed like every weather and light change brought entirely new perspective.