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Uncovering the Portico Club, Luxury Family Vacations for Less

I’m an accommodations quality nut and choosing the “right” place to stay for family vacations and getaways is always a big job, even with a ready list of reliable recommendations. If you prefer rental homes with kids versus standard hotel rooms, this task is even more daunting.

Exclusive Resorts, the leading luxury brand in the vacation club category, is a compelling solution for über-discerning traveler given their network of incredible homes with extensive services around the world.

Exclusive Resorts for Families

What are destination clubs? I didn’t know much about this segment of the travel industry until I interviewed Jeff Hartman, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for Exclusive Resorts, a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, much of the news about destination clubs has been negative in the recent past when a string of these clubs filed for bankruptcy protection. Exclusive Resorts, however, was not one of them. In fact, the company just reported an increase in sales for 2010.