Kid-Friendly Hiking on the Children’s Adventure Trail in Mürren, Switzerland

One of the best summer activities in Switzerland is hiking through the Alps. You see people of all ages and abilities enjoying the endless jaw-dropping mountain scenery on foot.

It’s easy to set off with babies and toddlers in carriers or backpacks — more challenging is motivating school-age kids to go for any consequential distance. Fortunately, our Swiss friends have thought through this …

Paintball at Squaw Valley High Camp

Families Fall in Love with Lake Tahoe in the Fall

The kids are back in school and hopefully a nice routine is settling in. But less freedom to get up and go, makes me even more determined to put family getaways on the calendar. Folks count the days until Lake Tahoe gets its first blast of winter. Stop counting and start packing for a fall family weekend in Lake Tahoe at Squaw Valley.

Less to Pack

Dreaming of winter is fine, but no snow is no problem, and makes packing a breeze. Hiking boots and swimsuits …