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72 Hours in London with Kids: Day 3

When you only have 3 days in a big city like London, mild panic is a distinct possibility on your last day when you take stock of all that is left to do.

My advice: Don’t fall into this trap!

Read London with Kids: Day 1 and London with Kids: Day 2 to catch up on recommendations for the first 48 hours. Major attractions missing from our holiday …

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72 Hours in London with Kids: Day 1

72 hours in London will go by very quickly — there is quite simply too much to do in and around the city with kids to even make a dent in that long list of attractions you should experience.

My first tip is the most important. Forget about what you should see – stick to an absolute priority list and count on the fact that you will be back at some point. London is big. Seeing London takes time. Rushing through London detracts from the experience and impact.

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Great iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids of all Ages

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years (and for the sake of argument, let’s assume you haven’t), you know that iPhones and iPads are the best thing to happen to traveling parents since portable DVD players.

If you have one, lucky you!

Now all you need are a handful of high quality apps with good replay value to keep your kids busy and happy while traveling. Don’t have time to slog through the entire iTunes App Store looking for them? Here are a few of my favorites.

Five Less Obvious, Less Costly, and Less Crowded Ways to See NYC in December

I’m not a big fan of mingling with camera-clicking tourists in the shadow of the blazing Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, but traditionally I like to get a quiet look at it before it’s gussied up and lit, which was my plan on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

But had I not been approaching the Rockefeller Plaza tree area from Sixth Avenue—rather than heading there directly from 5th Avenue, which thousands of visitors do every day—I would have missed entirely …

Tales2Go, A Family Travel Must-Have

I know packing lists are long for summer getaways, however, be sure not to miss Tales2Go. An application for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, Tales2Go plays an unlimited number of children’s stories and songs. It’s like the favorite app Pandora Radio with kid-focused content.

I was testing out this application and quickly fell in love.

The Perfectly Packed Child’s Carry-On

Whether it lasts four hours or 14, a plane flight can feel like an eternity if you’re not prepared. Your child’s carry-on is a big key to your success (see my recent post on travel packing tips on clothes and checked baggage).

Less is more

Make sure your child’s bag is light when it’s empty. You’re going to put enough in as it is, don’t add un-necessary weight. Look for a carry-on that rolls, but can also double as a backpack.

Denver: Top 5 Kid-Friendly Activities

On the front range of the majestic Rocky Mountains you’ll find beautiful Denver, the capital of Colorado. Sitting at 5280 feet above sea level, the Mile High City has 300 sunny days a year. Denver has over 200 outdoor parks so there is no shortage of outdoor activities.

Every season is a good season to visit this great city. No matter when you visit, you’ll find plenty to do with your family.

New York Week: Tips from A Local

When visiting a city like New York, deciding what to do can be overwhelming. With almost 500 square miles of city, the Big Apple is intimidating, and it can be easy to stick to the tried and true favorite kid-friendly activities, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Children’s Museum and Zoo, etc.

Granted, those places must experienced—but NYC offers a plethora of kid-friendly activities in addition to these usual suspects.