Britain’s Best Beaches for Families

Whilst every woman might want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, every beach aspires to look like the Gold Coast of Barbados. And here in Britain, you might not believe it until you see it, but we have some sands that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean. And we also have some great, slightly quirkier seasides too. Here’s my run down of Britain’s best beaches for families

England with Children

Top Holiday Destinations in the United Kingdom with Kids

I’m putting myself in your shoes. You’re visiting the United Kingdom with kids for the first time. You want to see as much of our island as possible, but you don’t want to exhaust everyone in the process. So I’m thinking you’re here for a fortnight and you don’t want any more than five stop offs. And, although I’d love to be wearing your Jimmy Choos, I’m expecting you to be mostly wearing your Converse and to have packed clothes for every weather system.