Photo Friday: Rainbow in Bhutan

I thought it would be fun to branch out this week for Photo Friday and do a pre-kids travel post. We spent several months in Asia in 2001 and we were lucky enough to spend time in Bhutan. There are so many magical and exotic sights in this country located on the Eastern end of the Himalaya Mountains between Tibet, India, and Nepal. Driving from place-to-place in Bhutan was slow (at that time, the one road through the country was one lane and white-knuckle to say the least) — anyway, the drives were long and we were grateful for these moments when we witnessed something amazing.

A rainbow caught on film in all its glory. For more Photo Friday posts visit Delicious Baby.


  1. What a sight! I can only imagine what it must have been like to see this in person. Hope I can catch one when I’m in Bhutan next month 🙂

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