Photo Friday: Feliz Navidad

This week’s Photo Friday post features a photo of our then 3-year-old Devon taking in the sunset in Mexico on Christmas day. Like everything in life, vacationing during the holidays is a trade-off. During this time of year you overpay for rooms and flights, quite possibly experience some sort of travel hassle, and it is more work to transport gifts — but once you arrive, the joys of being in a wonderful destination set in, and you aren’t caught in the seemingly endless cycles of cooking and cleaning experienced when the holidays are at home.

We stayed home this year and I have to say — despite being exhausted with all the logistics, it was relaxing, cozy, and fun. Although on this “day after” — I’m looking at the holiday carnage and dreaming of that beach in Mexico …


  1. I’ve never done a warm Christmas, although this looks appealing! We had planned to stay home and ended up flying to Wisconsin at the last minute. So I’m a little envious of you. Enjoy the peace.

  2. Lovely! We spent Christmas Eve/Day in Merida Mexico when I was a teen & I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was so festive on Christmas Eve with Pinatas and decorations everywhere.

  3. You’re right about how being away from home for the holidays gives you a pass on all of the frantic cleaning/cooking/entertaining cycle at home. It’s one of the reasons we’re usually gone over Thanksgiving weekend 🙂

    I always like photos of empty, and near-empty, beaches like this. They always seem so peaceful.

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