Photo Friday: Kodak Moments

I bring my camera everywhere – when my Mom sees this she likes to remind me that I hated photos of any kind growing up – travel or otherwise. True statement. Picture taking is just one of many activities I never appreciated as a kid, but as a parent I have entirely new perspective.

When I saw that Debbie of Delicious Baby started Photo Fridays, I got excited. I have countless photos of my son Devon (now 5) at various stages of his life in a dozen fabulous locations. He doesn’t remember most of the trips – but he loves to look at the pictures with me and talk about the things we did.

I was particularly snap happy during our last trip to Italy in October with the gorgeous fall leaves – Devon decided by the second day that he’d had enough. A moment of karma for me as he made faces instead of smiled and told me in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to take any more pictures of him. Of course, I caught this moment on film and now it is another fond memory we can relive again and again – and we will.

At the end of a trip the “people” photos are often more fun and interesting than the “place” photos. I’ll be checking Photo Friday each week for a smile – travel photos make me very, very happy.


  1. Oh yeah…I think people have caught -me- plenty of times with that don’t-take-my-photo look!

    Cute shot. Thanks for sharing.

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