Rome Private Guides

Rome Private Guides was created by licensed guides with vast experience and in depth knowledge of Italian history and culture. They are experts in designing tours specifically for children, teens and their families. Each tour is customized based on individual interests and ages. We effectively enhance the learning of our young and adult travelers through the use of the iPAD’s great 3 dimensional cultural programs, as well as age appropriate books with detailed overlays and other tools to make their time in Italy a truly memorable experience. We are not only guides, we are parents with many years of experience working with children. Rome Private Guides is a quality, full service guide and travel company with the highest standards. Although we are based in Rome we offer our services in Florence, Naples, Venice, and throughout all of Italy, including Sicily. Please contact us to learn how we help you create lasting memories of your time in Italy.

“Rome Private Guides far surpassed our expectations. Viviana made all our arrangements, while visiting Italy, we had lots of fun filled sight seeing with learning.TheVatican tour for kids, and the Baroque Rome, were some of our favorites, the best part was that we did not have to wait in line! Thanks again Viviana for a job well done.” Rita, Cancun, Mexico

“We wanted a guide who could relate to an older child but also keep us entertained and interested as well. She was able to do that and really connected with our grandson. Viviana exceeded our high expectations; we were enchanted by her within the first few minutes. We were able to see so many more sites and learn so much about Rome and its history in just two days with her that we could not have accomplished in a week on our own. She made Roman history come alive.” Suzanne, Coronado, CA

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