Paolo Lenzi

Paolo Lenzi’s tours are conceived to let families get in touch with A Day in the Life of a Roman. From Greek mythology, to true events of Roman history, to funny stories about the rivalry between Bernini and Borromini in the XVII century Rome, rich history provides the excuse to stroll around “the old, maze-looking ruins” inside the Roman Forum or the excavation area of Ostia Antica.

Paulo has a degree in archeology and specializes in city walks, archeological tours, outdoor excursions to Tivoli and Ostia, as well as Vatican tours.

“In 2 hours Paolo took us through the Vatican. He keep my 2 children (8 yrs and 11 yrs) interested whilst giving them plenty of information.  He listened to their thoughts and questions and answered them with knowledge and patience.  He understood just how much information  they needed and how much they could take in. Paolo was my kids favorite guide in Italy.” -Amanda Price

“We spent three days with Paolo and he made Rome come to life for all of us.  Paolo kept my children – ages 9, 8 and 6 engaged and excited while learning about the history of Rome and the surrounding areas.  He gave so many interesting back stories about Rome. Most importantly, Paolo was easy to be around and we all really enjoyed his company and the wealth of knowledge he was able to share in an entertaining and engaging way.  He was the highlight of our trip to Italy.” -Maureen Fitzgerald

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