Across Madrid

Across Madrid offers three family-friendly walking tours in Madrid, exclusively developed and designed by Dr. Almudena Cros, an art historian educated in Britain who has extensive experience teaching art, history and culture to different age groups in Italy and Spain. Almudena has drawn on her experience and creativity to produce her own visual materials to teach children at the Prado or the Archaeological Museum, as well as a walking discovery tour of the city center for younger children. As a Madrid native and an academic, Almudena combines in-depth knowledge of her hometown with a professional approach to teaching history in an engaging and enthusiastic manner, ensuring that children and parents alike learn about Spanish kings and queens, local legends, family traditions and food specialties.

“Almudena was able to meet the children at their level, arouse their interest and maintain their focus with her magnetism and enthusiasm, using only the minimum of material aids. Actually the tour was great for the adults as well, as it wound a fascinating path through history from the earliest human cultures, down through Greek, Roman and others, and their effect on and contributions to Spain and subsequent Spanish culture … and all this in 2 hours! This may be more cash to shell out than buying a book on the subject, but the images and concepts have made a much more lasting impression on me and my son, having experienced them in a more visceral way, and with a guide both erudite and great fun.” Charlotte, Spain

“We took the Bear Discovery tour with 4 kids ages 2-6 (plus a baby in a stroller). The kids absolutely loved it! They will never forget that the bear is the symbol of Madrid and are still talking about all the fun things they spotted! Almudena was super attentive, knowledgeable and accommodating with the kids’ pace and needs.” P. Monahan, Spain

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