Antarctica: Read All About a Journey to the White Continent with Lindblad Expeditions

Now that I’ve tried expedition-style travel to visit the Galapagos and Antarctica with Lindblad Expeditions, I’d never go back to anything else for adventure destinations in particular. Many of Lindblad’s experiences take place on a ship, where maximum ground can be covered with minimal logistics, and although the ship itself is just the means of…

Tips for Europe with Toddlers

Essential Tips for Traveling in Europe with a Toddler

I started Ciao Bambino in 2004 to help take the fear out of traveling to Europe with young children. It’s not easy, but thoughtful planning will help ensure that the gain outweighs any pain. Despite the hardships of flights, time changes and inevitable travel snafus, the vast majority of brave families who embark on a…


Why the Canal Du Midi Makes a Great Venue for a Family Barge Vacation in France

Our barge vacation in southern France with family and friends was one of our favorite holidays to date in Europe. Our vessel, the lovely Athos du Midi, is a moving home base that enables seeing a variety of destinations without unpacking and repacking — it’s like a floating villa with a personal staff (including a…

Italy Family Vacation Tips

10 Tips for Travel to Italy with Kids

With a name like Ciao Bambino, it’s no secret we log many hours sharing not-to-be-missed insider information on how to best travel to Italy with kids. Families from around the world have been relying on our portfolio of thoroughly vetted Italy family hotels, resorts, and villas for close to 10 years now! There are a few Italy family travel tips we share continually with those who use our booking service that help families plan the best trip possible.


Time to Giggle! An Off-Road Buggy Tour in Iceland with Kids

One of the best things about a vacation in Iceland with kids is that everything about it feels one-of-a-kind and unique, with endless opportunities to embark on thrilling activities as a family. We had an epic 7-day tour of Iceland that included an off-road buggy tour with Buggy Adventures, located just outside Reykjavik, where we drove open-air vehicles through the rugged landscape…


Flytographer Strikes Again: Amazing Extended Family Vacation Photos in Hawaii

Nothing makes me happier than sharing and savoring incredible family vacation photos. But as the head family photographer, I find that I’m rarely in the photos, and I’m just picky enough that handing phones and cameras to strangers is unlikely to produce the results I want … the exact reason why we used Flytographer for our family trips to Florence…


Why Expedition Travel is the Ultimate Educational Adventure for Families

Expedition: A journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, scientific research or war. A true expedition, a journey of discovery with a mission to educate and inspire exploration, makes a powerful family vacation. Expeditions are more immersive than just observing a place as a tourist…

Daily family rides explore the valley. Photo: Jackson Family

10 Family Vacations That Will Change Kids Forever

Ciao Bambino’s tagline is Inspiring Families to Explore the World, and we take this challenge very seriously, as we understand that great family vacations aren’t just about fun. Travel experiences change lives and transform developing minds in unbelievable, lasting ways. We are a founding member of the Family Travel Association, a new organization within the…


How, When and Why to Use a Travel Agent to Book a Family Vacation

When I tell people that I run a fast-growing travel agency, you can see the doubt and wonder in their eyes. After all, didn’t travel agents go extinct when the Internet became ubiquitous? The answer to that question is yes and no. Travel agents had to radically shift how they help their clients and where they…